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fire ants on a hill

What To Do About Fire Ants On Your Boerne Property

April 15, 2021

Have you ever seen someone walk over a bed of hot coals without injuring their feet? It is an impressive thing to watch. The same is true about a homeowner walking through a fire ant-infested yard without being attacked.... Read More

bark scorpion on wood

Answers To Common Scorpion Questions In Boerne

February 15, 2021

For anyone who hasn’t lived in the south most of their life, the thought of having scorpions around their home must seem odd. For locals here in Boerne, Texas, scorpions have always been just another pest threat in our area. ... Read More

roof rat

Five Easy Tricks To Keep Rodents Away From Your Boerne Home

January 15, 2021

There is only one reason someone should walk into your home and find a rodent, and that is if you keep one as a pet. If these furry creatures are crawling around inside your home for any other reason, you have a problem, but we don’t have to tell you that.... Read More

deer tick in boerne texas

How Do I Keep Ticks Out Of My Boerne Yard?

December 10, 2020

Most people would avoid walking into a field with a sign in front of it saying "caution, active land mines." As a general rule, humans actively look for ways to keep themselves safe from harm. The question is, how can you avoid harm when you don't know you are in danger... Read More

rodents in boerne texas

The Best Way To Deal With Rodents In Your Boerne Home

December 10, 2020

Everyone has a different story about rodents. If you were to think hard enough, you could probably remember a moment in your life when one of these furry invaders caught you off guard. The question is, what do you do when you find a rodent inside your home... Read More

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